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Whether you want to thank your groomsmen for throwing you a wild bachelor party or just tell them you’re glad they’re your best bros, giving good groomsmen gifts is a must.  However, traditional gifts like lighters and flasks can be a little old-fashioned and not very useful, especially if your groomsmen don’t smoke or drink that often.  Why not show them your appreciation with a bit more contemporary take on the groomsman’s gift?  Be a groom that’s savvy on the latest trends!  Give each of your groomsmen a present that’s a fitting expression of your gratitude with a slightly modern spin.  It’s easy if you’re willing to think a little outside the (keepsake) box.  Here are some unique and practical groomsmen gift ideas:

  • Give a monogrammed steak branding iron set.  You may be the one getting married, but chances are you share another love with your buds: meat.  Is there anything more manly than grilling up a juicy steak for an outdoor barbecue?  Make your comrades’ cookouts even more special by giving them branding irons for their succulent sirloins.  Your groomsmen will think of you every time they press their initials into their meaty entrées.  The monogram is a nice nod to tradition, but the fact that you’re giving a branding iron offers a fresh perspective on the classic groomsman’s present.  Each of your friends is sure to give his stamp of approval on a rare gift and a job well-done!


  • Give an engraved iPhone or smart phone case.  Almost everyone has some sort of a smart phone these days.  Capitalize on this trend by giving each of your groomsmen a case for his main form of communication!  A silver casing will be a slick and stylish covering while the engraving will provide that personalized touch you’re looking for.  You could have each groomsman’s name or initials etched into the case along with a meaningful quote or even an inside joke among your circle of friends.  Your band of brothers will think of you every time they answer their phone, which means you’ll share more than just a mobile connection for years to come.


  • Give a gift certificate.  We all love free stuff, especially when it comes from a place we like.  Think about what stores your groomsmen like to shop in or restaurants they typically frequent.  Then, pick up a gift card for one or two of those places.  This is a great present since you know that they’ll actually use it.  You could even give a gift certificate to your group’s preferred sports bar and make plans to meet for an upcoming televised game once you’ve settled into married life.  A gift card for everyone’s favorite golf course along with a suggested date and tee time is another good option.  Gift certificates to spots that you all know and love will show that you put some thought into giving them something they would really appreciate.  Plus, planning to get together at those locations in the future will let them know that you won’t forget about them once you become a doting husband!

        One of your main jobs as a groom is to gather your groomsmen and make sure they’re all dressed up and ready to go for your big day!  Thank them for the parts they’ll play in your upcoming nuptials with groomsmen gifts that are both modern and useful.  By using one of these unique and practical suggestions, you can stretch the concept of what a groomsman’s gift can be.  Everyone in the wedding party will be impressed by your smart and savvy gift-giving skills!

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