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Gorgeous Ideas for Every Budget

A bridal attendant's gift is a thank you, so it should be sincere and from the heart. All  women know that jewelry is a personal gift, and that every piece is a treasure, no matter how much the cost, that tells a story. Each time your bridesmaids take your gift out of their jewelry box, it will remind them of your special day, and inspire them to dream about special days of their own. When they wear it, they will remember not just your wedding, but also your friendship.

Bridal Attendant Gifts on a Budget

If you're having a small wedding, gifts aren't expected to be grandiose. They can still be thoughtful, though, and even inexpensive jewelry gifts can be packed with meaning. Consider matching the jewelry to the wedding's theme. A beach wedding might call for shell bracelets, coral earrings or even a charm bracelet with starfish and mermaids, perhaps. Religious-themed jewelry is a popular bridal party gift, and several inexpensive but pretty necklaces are available online. If you're having a traditional church wedding, this could be for you.

A unique way to create jewelry gifts on a budget is to make them yourself. Craft stores carry all the pieces you could possibly need to make custom earrings, bracelets, necklaces or brooches that will be one-of-a-kind. Make a different piece for each attendant and they'll feel extra special. Round up some relatives and have a jewelry making evening to save your precious wedding planning time.

If you are socially minded, consider giving gifts that give in more ways than one. Websites like sell moderately priced jewelry items that are handmade by people in needy countries, and the money goes to help them. Not only will this kind of gift bring a better world (and what better way to celebrate your marriage), but the jewelry is beautiful and made of local materials. Heart pendants made of shell, earrings of blush quartz and beaded bracelets are just a few of the items available, starting as low as six to eight dollars.

Moderately Priced Gifts

If you want to spend just a little more, consider gifts that are personalized. Birthstone jewelry makes sure each attendant has a semiprecious stone that also has a personal meaning. Set into a heart-shaped necklace or pin, it can be a classic, elegant piece that will get a lot of wear.

Rhinestone jewelry can be dramatic, and the right necklaces can be incorporated into the wedding outfits. Necklaces can even be chosen that echo the bride's jewelry without overshadowing it. Pick dazzling necklaces that go with the dresses and then present them before the ceremony. The girls will already feel attractive in their special dresses, and after putting on the jewelry they'll feel even more so.

Hair jewelry is becoming a popular wedding party gift, and if you haven't looked at the choices out there, you should. It's not a boring gift by any means. Many of the combs, pins, and barrettes made for wedding use are spectacular. They come set with semiprecious stones in designs that look like Victorian antiques. These are the kind of  pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime, even handed down generations.

More Expensive Gifts

You may have attendants who attend many dress-up events (or are serial bridesmaids), in which case tiaras are useful gift item that you might be able to incorporate into the wedding as well. Tiaras are available in crystal, rhinestones, and precious versions. You can choose a simple, elegant style or go all-out with a more glamorous version. Replica tiaras are made so that you can buy the same type of crown worn by women like Princess Diana, Princess Grace or Audrey Hepburn. How about a different style for each attendant?

A more conservative, but elegant gift is the pearl necklace. In fact, pearl necklaces are a classic bridesmaids' gift for people with a large wedding budget. Consider full strands of pearls, or stunning pearl drop necklaces which are simple but sophisticated. Pearl sets with matching earrings would also be a welcome gift.

Whatever your budget, there are a myriad of gift ideas to make sure your wedding day is special for everyone involved. Just a little thought and sincerity will go a long way toward saying "thank you" in the best way possible.

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