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A whole lot of careful planning, consideration, time, and attention go into planning your dream wedding. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the perfect shoes, many women are unsure as to what they need to be looking for. Once you've zeroed in on the dress you can't live without, follow these simple steps for pairing it with the right shoes for your big day.

Love Your Shoes

This is priority one. Flats or heels, sandals or stilettos, you should pick wedding shoes that make you feel like a princess. Don't like plain ivory pumps? Don't wear them. Regardless of whether your dress is long or short, you should make sure that when guests get a peek at your footwear, they immediately know you chose these shoes because you love them.

Practicality Matters

Now that you've spotted a pair of shoes you love, you need to make sure they're practical for your nuptials before you hand over your credit card info. Remember that you have to make it down the aisle in these shoes, stand during the ceremony, and walk and possibly even dance in them. No matter how sexy those sky-high heels look on the shelf, there's nothing remotely attractive about teetering around like a newborn giraffe. 

Know Your Measurements

Your dressmaker and alteration team will need to know exactly what kind of shoes and how tall of a heel you'll be wearing. Have your shoes with you when it comes time for your final fitting to ensure your dress is the right length, and keep the heel size and measurements in mind as you adjust.

Make a Statement

Remember that your shoes don't necessarily have to match your dress. White is fine, but why not consider making a statement with your wedding shoes, instead? This is the perfect place to sneak in your "something blue," or go with something completely different with lipstick red, glittery gold or bold silver shoes. If you do decide to pair your shoes to your dress, don't hesitate to have them dyed to match. 

Wear Them In

The biggest mistake brides often make when it comes to their bridal shoes is wearing them for the first time on their wedding day. Choose your shoes with at least a couple weeks to go, and practice wearing them around the house. Not only will this trick get you comfortable walking in them, but it will better mold them to your feet and arches, as well.

Consider Your Theme and Venue

Think about the kind of wedding you're having. For example, beach or garden weddings will probably be best suited to flats, wedges and sandals. It's also important to check with your venue beforehand, as some historic or newly floored locations have a ban on certain types of footwear (including stilettos) in order to protect things like wooden floors or antique rugs.

Pedicures Are Not Optional

A pedicure in the days before your wedding is a necessity. Regardless of whether or not your shoes give a peek of toe, you will most likely be flashing your feet as you get ready and take pictures. Also, a pedi will get your feet pampered and ready for your honeymoon!


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