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Queen Victoria inspired the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress when she was married in a lace-edged white gown in 1840. However, in the 21st century, an increasing number of brides are breaking with this tradition and wearing other colors.

If you have fallen in love with a red dress, you may be wondering whether or not you should break with tradition and wear it on your wedding day. Here are six reasons to choose a red wedding dress.

Red is one of your favorite colors

If red is one of your favorite colors and you have lots of red clothes, you should feel comfortable wearing red on your wedding day. Wearing a dress in a color you love will help you to radiate confidence and beauty.

Red suits you better than white

If you have pale skin and light-colored hair, wearing white may make you look washed out. Red, on the other hand, will flatter your complexion, providing a warm contrast to your pale skin tones.

Whatever your coloring, you can be sure that you will look fabulous if you choose a true red wedding dress. True red, otherwise known as Pantone 19-1664 TC, is one of only four colors that look good on everyone, regardless of their skin tone, hair color or eye color.

Red wedding dresses are part of your cultural background

In some countries red wedding dresses are the norm. If you and/or your fiancé come from a cultural background in which wearing a red dress is traditional, you may wish to reflect this at your wedding.

In Chinese culture, red is a symbol of love, happiness, good luck and prosperity. A red fitted dress embroidered with a gold design would look stunning on your wedding day if you have a Chinese heritage.

A richly decorated red sari would be a good choice if you or your fiancé have an Indian background.

You are having an informal wedding

A red dress is more suited to an informal wedding than a traditional church wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, a vintage 1920s or 1950s red dress would fit in well with an informal ceremony and an alfresco picnic-style reception.

If you are having a beach wedding, a shorter-length red dress would be easier to walk in on sand than a traditional wedding dress with a long train.

You are having a winter wedding

The warm color of red is perfectly suited to a winter wedding. A long-sleeved, fur-trimmed red wedding gown would give a cozy, luxurious feel to a wedding on a cold winter’s day.

You can’t choose between red and white

If you are hesitating between a red dress and a more traditional white dress, a red-and-white wedding dress is a good compromise. Some red-and-white dresses are mainly white with a small amount of red, such as a sash or trim. A dress like this may be a good choice if you are having a more formal wedding and are concerned about breaking with tradition.

Your wedding dress should flatter your skin tone and hug your figure, making you look gorgeous on your wedding day. Although red wedding dresses are more suited to informal weddings, winter weddings or weddings that incorporate elements of other cultures, they can be worn at any wedding. If you are wearing a red dress you love that suits you perfectly, you will feel happy and confident on your wedding day.

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